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Not all parents are lucky enough to have babysitters readily available or family nearby, which is why the relationship I establish with my clients is built on trust and reliability. Every parent needs someone at hand who they can rely on, so please see 'Sammy Sitters' as the helpful friend or family close by.


i am always happy to discuss any arrangements that meet your individual needs, but here are some examples of the services we regularly provide: 


Evening Sammy Sitter’ – Whether it’s that long awaited girls night out, date-night with your partner, or dinner at Sarah and Johns, we can provide you with an experienced evening babysitter, ensuring you enjoy your evening out knowing that your little ones are in safe hands.


Emergency Sammy Sitter’ - Perhaps your full-time nanny is off sick or your child is unable to attend nursery or school for the day, we can offer you an emergency nanny to come for a few short hours, a whole day, or a longer placement. 

‘Special Trip Sammy Sitter’ – Can’t remember when you last had time for yourself? Maybe you want to try out the gym after having baby, or need a child-free shopping trip. Why not book a one-off temporary nanny who can come and entertain your little one in the comfort and safety of your own home.

.‘’Pop-up creche’ – Our first-class service. Ideal for weddings, special occasions or private functions at any venue, we bring professional childcare to your event, keeping your little people fully-entertained whilst you enjoy some adult-time. All we ask is for a clean room and we will do the rest, providing stimulation toys and activities suitable for the interests and ages of your children.  Take the worry out of entertaining your guest’s and your own children on your wedding day, and let us make their day as memorable as yours


'School Run Sammy Sitter' - Do you always struggle to fill in the gaps between leaving for work and getting your children to school? Perhaps that rush-hour traffic means you don’t get home in time for after-school clubs? We can provide you with a Sammy Sitter to come to your home in the morning and ensure your children eat a stimulating breakfast before transporting them safely to school. Your sitter will then collect the children from school, and can carry out any necessary tasks at home such as reading, homework, and preparing dinner, leaving you with nothing but quality parent-child time to take care of *

'Holiday Sammy Sitter' - Do you find it difficult to organise reliable childcare for the school holidays? Perhaps holiday club timings do not fit in with your work, or you want your child to enjoy the holidays in the comfort of their own home. Why not book one of my Sammy Sitters for the full school holidays, or even just a day or two to entertain your special little people at home, leaving you able to keep your work commitments without the worry of unfamiliar childcare.



* Although we try our best to provide a ‘Sammy  Sitter’  when you require,  Sammy Sitters cannot guarantee that it will always be possible. We recommend you give us as much notice as possible